One of a series of 30 second TV commercials produced on behalf of Crimestoppers Queensland

We were commissioned by CrimeStoppers to create a multimedia campaign with the goal of increasing the uptake of volunteers in key yet quite diverse age groups – both early teens looking for work experience, and early retirees looking to offer their experience and capabilities.

The basis of our creative concept was a series of mismatched photofit image creating intriguing faces using partial images of the ideal demographic, in both male and female flavours.

Our TV commercial productions made these images the focal point of an animated notice boards, fridge paintings and so on, where the people in each of the ads and notices conversed with one another to deliver the campaign message in a series of 30 second commercials.

Crimestoppers Queensland were overwhelmed with the increase in volunteer support in response to the TV commercials, posters and social media initiatives when they rolled out, with offers up by over 200%.

client: Crime Stoppers QLD
product: Volunteer recruitment TVC’s
director: Tom Francis
post: KiLN, Maurice Powell
producer: Tom Francis

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