Our Services: High End 3D Visuals and Animations & Video Production Brisbane

Video production and High End 3D Visuals & Animations are our specialty! Our award-winning team has both the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire video production and 3D animation processes from concept to completion.

Our key strengths are:

3D Animations & Visuals
Video Production


  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Property I VFX

Creation of effective 3D animations to depict products that have not yet been built.
Creation of effective 3D animations to depict clear, concise, and logical procedures.
Development of video presentations involving 3D animations and visuals to assist with illustrating project overviews to key stakeholders/investors.
Assisting with visualising the impact on the environment/landscape.
Creation of 3D animations for use in health & safety:

  • Depicting potential unsafe work procedures
  • Depicting hazardous situations
  • Depicting the correct procedures to take

Creation of 3D animations and visuals for  scenarios where traditional cameras are unable to go.


We provide a comprehensive range of standard and high definition (HD) video services for the production of:

  • TV commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Marketing videos
  • Training videos Brisbane
  • Government promotional and Educational videos
  • Company/Product Promotional videos
  • Web video content
  • Exhibition videos
  • Business videos Brisbane
  • Multi-camera switched events
  • Green screen studio productions
  • OH&S training videos
  • Live webcasts

Our production service provides HD non-linear editing with experienced video editors in our own state-of-the-art digital post-production facilities.

We also offer motion graphics services and animation, which enables us to transform even the most average script content into a dramatic, eye catching and memorable results.

Finished projects can be also captioned and delivered on virtually any media format – DVD, CD, Blu-ray, podcast or web.


It is often said that the single most important investment a company can make is in the training of its employees. Video provides enormous benefits when it comes to training packages:

  • Techniques and ideas can be clearly demonstrated
  • Messages can be delivered consistently
  • Training videos Brisbane are more affordable and time-saving than face-to-face training
  • Difficult subjects can be presented in ways that engage viewer attention
  • Multi-media and language options enable a single video to apply to countless applications.

When producing training videos Brisbane based KiLN ensure that your video maximises the message delivery opportunity to your workforce. We have produced training videos for sales professionals, educational establishments, mining corporations, manufacturers, government and not-for-profit agencies. If you are looking for a production company to create your training videos, Brisbane based KiLN offer some of the best capabilities available.


KiLN offers true expertise in business video production. With the very best of both film technology and camera operator techniques, we ensure that the finished product effectively communicates your corporate messages and fully engages your target audience.

Of the three distinct phases involved in the production of successful business videos, Brisbane’s KiLN are highly experienced in all of them: Pre-Production, Filming, and Post Production. Often the most overlooked aspect of this is the pre-production phase, which people have a natural tendency to neglect, but which is crucial to the success of your business video, and which we will help you to negotiate – with script writing, location planning, storyboarding, conceptualising (and much more) – so that the final outcome is what you expect it to be.

As well as taking care of the big picture we also pay attention to the small things that will make your business videos truly professional … details like easy-on-the-ear audio, sophisticated visuals, and leading-edge production values.

If you are looking for business videos, Brisbane is our film set and some of it’s most prolific businesses and organisations are our clients. Contact us today for more information.