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Video Production Services

Online video production, will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending, within the next five years.

Video has become a fundamental part of business marketing strategy, and with more than a decade of experience producing, shooting, directing and editing for corporate video production, video production Brisbane based KiLN are perfectly placed to help turn your ideas into effective, results driven content.

Our objective is to engage your customers with fantastic productions, which in-turn increase your enquiries and sales.


Following are some of the key stages of of video production which we will work with you to achieve:


In order to provide potential creative treatments for your next video, to make sure it is as effective and engaging as possible, we firstly need to fully understand what we are communicating, to who, and how best we can do it.

We believe that the script is the most important part of the production process and only when we understand your product / service, unique selling propositions and key messages, are we able to structure a script which communicates effectively.

With visual ideas outlined, we then develop a conceptual storyline to tie the entire message together.

Scripts can of course be serious, funny or a mixture of both; we cater for all products and all markets and often go back and forth a few times until everyone involved agrees on the best treatment.


KiLN is a full-service video and photography agency.

We will manage all the specifics for your video production. It’s important you know all the steps to the production and post-production journey so we will take you along on the ride with us too keeping you up to date at all times on ideas and decisions made regarding: talent and props and specialized production equipment required to get the right shots.

Most videos will need to feature actors or talent. With the assistance of talent and casting agencies KiLN source and manage a diverse range of talent including: presenters, models, actors, musicians, stakeholders, client representatives and members of the broader community.

Our filming equipment includes High Definition cameras, sound recording, slow-motion, Go-Pro, lighting, tripods and mounting, etc.

We will also source externally specialist camera and lighting equipment to suit specific requirements.

Tell us your ideas for those cinematic shots and we will focus on achieving the desired results with our fantastic camera and lighting box of tricks!


Once the production process is completed, all footage is captured into the editing software. With a combination of creative editing, motion graphics, animation, audio mixing and music, effects and colour grading, the project can take on a life of its own. KiLN’s video proofs will always have a time-code window to ensure you can quickly identify a specific area of the edit.

  • Dedicated industry-standard high-definition PC and MAC editing suites running specialised editing and effects software
  • Inhouse sound recording facilities and software
  • Expansive in-house stock photography (and timelapse photography) and high-definition video archive library.


Once we have approval on the video, delivery can be on a vast range of mediums. There are a variety of ways to do this, whether it be DVD or Blu-ray or be a video for web. Each requires encoding the file to various codecs. All projects are also backed up to external hard drive.

If you are ready to discuss your next video production Brisbane based KiLN are ready to discuss it with you. Contact Kiln Video Production Brisbane, today.